FOSHAN UVIISTONE QUARTZ BUILDING MATERIAL CO., LTD. is a professional & large-scale quartz manufacturer, with production base ANHUI UVIISTONE QURATZ BUILDING MATERIAL CO., LTD., production workshop covering a total area of 120,000 square maters. UVIISTONE is one of the largest production scales and capacity, strongest in creative technology, most well-known brand awareness quartz factories in China.

        UVIISTONE advocates the running spirit of “Pursuit Perfect, Develop with innovation, Fulfill Customers’ satisfaction, and Seek for highest performance appraisal”, while takes it as the core of enterprise culture “Stone spirit means excellence in quality, and good for health”, by working in a down-to-earth way & insisting intensive cultivation. UVIISTONE researched and developed independently recyclable economic building material, which is in accordance with resource comprehensive utilization“3 L” (low energy construction, low pollution, low discharge), encouraged by our country.

     UVIISTONE takes it as the research orientation” lead the fashion treads of space decoration art, superior to natural stone operational performance”. We researched and developed independently national practical new type patent products: fireproofing quartz series, uvioresistant quartz series, and nanometer microcrystal quartz series...




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